Winter Weather Increasing Risks for Car Accidents in St. Louis

Winter Weather Increasing Risks for Car Accidents in St. Louis

As we face our frigid winter weather, drivers will be facing increased dangers on the roadways and increased risks of car accidents in St. Louis. To help keep drivers safe, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has its crews read to roll.

Transportation efforts include about 3,000 employees and nearly 2,000 pieces of snow-removal equipment to tackle the 32,000-mile highway system in our state. In addition to this army of snow fighters, the MoDOT has the ability to hire emergency equipment operators to help fight off the remnants of our winter storms. When a storm blows through, transportation employees attack the main roadways that are most affected by the winter snow and ice.cccx

These pieces of snow-removal equipment include salt spreaders, snow plows and other de-icing maters. Through these efforts, MoDOT hopes to reduce the risks of a weather-related car accident in St. Louis and elsewhere throughout the state.

Our St. Louis car accident lawyers ask that all motorists be extremely cautious when traveling on our roadways when the winter weather comes hauling in. The snow and icy layering our roadways during this time of year can serve as a catalyst for a fatal traffic accident. Please be careful on our roadways to help you and your passengers to get to your destination safely. Alertness and caution may be your best defense against an accident during this time.

Before heading out, you are urged to check out the MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map for the latest roadway conditions. This map offers travelers with information regarding closed roadway, traffic delays, road work and current conditions. You can also call 1-888-ASK-MODOT (1-888-275-6636) to get this roadway information.

Drivers are urged to be cautious when driving on icy or snowy roadways. Be cautious and alert. There are a few safety tips, from MoDOT, that can help to keep you safe on our roadways through the dangerous winter weather.

Winter Driving Safety Tips:

-Inspect your vehicle. Make sure that your car’s battery is working properly, that the antifreeze is full and fresh, that your exhaust system is working properly and that your car’s oil can withstand the rigors of cold weather.

-You should ultimately avoid driving when weather road conditions are icy and snowy.

-Be sure to always keep a first-aid kit in your vehicle.

-You should also keep a flashlight, extra batteries, extra clothes, blankets, nonperishable snack, water, booster cables, etc. in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

-Always obey the posted speed limit. Your best bet is to slow down your speed when driving through snow and ice. Be sure to adjust your speed to accommodate the current weather conditions.

-Always give snowplows plenty of room. Never travel too closely to a snowplow.

-Always keep your tank at least half full.

-If you don’t feel comfortable driving, pull over until the weather conditions clear.

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