Winter weather, holiday congestion, frequent causes of St. Louis car accidents

Winter weather, holiday congestion, frequent causes of St. Louis car accidents

With the holidays upon us and winter weather descending, St. Louis car accident attorneys are often called to deal with serious or fatal crashes resulting from a driver’s inability to deal with the combination of heavy traffic and poor driving conditions.

Winter weather is a contributing cause to many Missouri car accidents. We encourage you to review safe winter driving practices to reduce the risk of a car accident. Last year, the Missouri Department of Transportation reports a total of 152,995 traffic crashes claimed 878 lives and injured nearly 53,000.


Of those, 132 deaths were reported on wet and slippery roads, or about one-fifth of all traffic crashes. Another 8,000 motorists were seriously injured in crashes in which wet or icy roads were listed as a contributing factor. Authorities acknowledge that the issue is chronically under-reported and the risks are likely even greater.

Safety Winter Driving Tips for Missouri Motorists:

-Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained, including a fresh battery, good tires, fresh antifreeze and new windshield wipers.

-Avoid driving in poor weather whenever possible and wait until a road is safe and passable.

-Carry an emergency kit in your vehicle, including a flashlight, batteries, first-aid kit, medications, blankets, mittens, gloves, socks, rain gear, sand, a small shovel, booster cables, tool kit, warning flag, non-perishable food and bottled water.

-Obey speed limits.

-Don’t drive too fast for conditions.

-Give snow plows plenty of room.

-Wear your seat belt.

-Watch for other vehicles in distress.

-Keep lights on.

-Keep mirrors and windows clean.

-Keep your gas tank at least half full.

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