10 Tips for Winning Your Truck Accident Case

If you reside in St. Louis, MO and find yourself involved in a serious personal truck accident, chances are you will also need to hire an experienced St. Louis truck accident attorney to fight for your rights and help you win your case.


While cases involving personal truck accidents are common, it’s important that the motorist involved be able to provide certain details that will make their case much easier to litigate and therefore easier to win.


Below are the top 10 tips for winning a personal truck accident case in St. Louis, MO:


  1. Do not leave the scene. Leaving the scene of a personal truck accident can result in serious charges including a hit-and-run. The best thing to do once an accident has occurred is to stay put until authorities arrive.


  1. Do not leave your vehicle in the middle of the road if you are able to move it. If you are involved in a personal truck accident that is minor enough to still be able to operate your vehicle, it is imperative that you and the other party involved move your vehicles out of operating lanes of traffic. Leaving your vehicle in a busy intersection or blocking a major highway has the potential to lead to additional accidents and injury.


  1. Do not forget to file a report. Failing to file a police report after a personal truck accident means it might as well have never happened. The importance of a police report is to offer third party documentation that will act as evidence to support your case.


  1. Do not lose your temper. At the point that an accident has occurred involving your truck, losing your temper can only compound the issue. Leave the arguing to the lawyers and let your attorney fight for you.


  1. Do not forget to document the accident. If you are able, write a personal statement and take pictures documenting the accident immediately. This will assist you in remembering all of the details when later asked.


  1. Do not forget to get insurance information from the other driver. If the other driver is at fault for the accident involving your personal truck, you will need to get their insurance information in order to follow up with your own insurance company.


  1. Do not forget to contact your own insurance company. Even if the accident is not your fault, you will still have to report it to your insurance company.


  1. Do not neglect to get examined by a medical physician. If you make the mistake of choosing not to seek medical care after an accident involving your personal truck, it will be difficult to prove that any injuries suffered are a result of the accident after the fact. This could lead to longstanding medical issues and expenses for which you will then be responsible.


  1. Do not neglect to continue medical care if required by a physician. If you elect not to continue any medical treatment recommended based on the injuries you received in an accident involving your personal truck, you become responsible for the costs incurred for further related ailments.


  1. Do not neglect to contact an experienced St. Louis truck accident attorney. It is imperative that when making your selection for an attorney to represent you, you shop around for a practitioner with the most experience in this arena. Accidents involving personal trucks can be tricky to litigate so the more knowledge and experience your attorney has, the better.


Winning a case involving a personal truck accident is much more plausible, provided you as a client become informed on how to make the system work for you. Using the above steps, you will approach your case as a victor – not a victim.

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