Thanksgiving Foreshadows Dangerous Holiday Traffic in St. Louis

Thanksgiving Foreshadows Dangerous Holiday Traffic in St. Louis

Seven people were killed in highway accidents over the recent Thanksgiving holiday. According toMissourinet, three were killed on the 30th when a driver crossed over the center line on West Hawken Cemetery Road in Miller County and hit another vehicle hear on.

A second head-on accident took the life of a Hartville man on Highway 38. The victim reportedly attempted to pass a vehicle on his motorcycle and rode directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Two people from Boone were also killed in the 29th in a 3rd head-on collision near Old Missouri 24.


On Thanksgiving day, a woman from St. Robert was killed in a single vehicle accident in Pulaski County. Accident reports indicate that she left the road of Highway 28, slammed into a utility pole, flipped over and hit a second pole. Six accidents of the eight victims were not wearing a seat belt when their accidents happened.

Our St. Louis car accident lawyers understand that this last Thanksgiving holiday weekend returned more car accident fatalities that the year before, when 6 people died. If that’s a foreshadow for the upcoming holidays, then we had better be careful! With Christmas and New Year’s quickly approaching, it’s now as good of time as ever to focus back in on our safe driving habits. With our roadways packed with holiday travelers, our safe driving habits may be the only thing to keep us safe and alive out there.

One of our biggest driving concerns over the holiday season is impaired driving. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), someone is killed in an alcohol-related collision every 30 minutes. Someone is injured in this kind of accident every 2 minutes. These statistics leave us wondering how there are so many accidents with the general U.S. populations voices such anger against drunk driving.

According to a recent poll from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 97 percent of drivers say that drunk driving is a serious public threat. Another 75 percent say that they strongly endorse using stricter and more severe penalties against impaired drivers to protect themselves and their loved ones.

To help fight drunk driving, the NSC recommends:

-Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI)

-Sobriety Checkpoints

-Ignition Interlocks

-Support for Prosecution and DWI court

The Century Council reports that there were close to 300 people who were killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents in the state of Missouri in 2011. These accidents accounted for close to a third of all traffic accident fatalities and more than 45 of these accidents involved intoxicated drivers under the age of 21.

Not only should you avoid drinking and driving to avoid a potentially fatal accident, but if you’re lucky enough to escape the wrath of an accident, you still face some serious consequences if busted by an officer. A first-time DWI, DUID, or BAC conviction results in a 90-day suspension. After 30 days of the suspension, the driver may receive a 60-day Restricted Driving Privilege (RDP). The driver is eligible for full reinstatement after 90 days if all reinstatement requirements are met. A person convicted of operating a commercial motor vehicle while his or her alcohol content is .04 percent will be assessed 2 points and disqualified from driving a commercial motor vehicle for one year.

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