St. Louis Ranks on the “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report”

St. Louis Ranks on the “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report”

The “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report” from the Allstate Insurance Company has been released. It uses claims data to rank the nation’s 200 largest cities in terms of the frequency of collisions to determine which areas have the safest drivers.


For yet another year, Fort Collins, Colorado was ranked as the nation’s safety driving city. This is the third time it has been in first place. It’s also been in the top 10 each year since the report kicked off.

Our St. Louis accident lawyers understand that our city was ranked the 82nd safest city for drivers. The even better news is that we jumped close to 20 spots compared to last year. According to the report, drivers in St. Louis are expected to have an accident every 9.5 years. Unfortunately, that’s a risk that’s more than 5 percent higher than the national average.

The report also points out that the number of accident fatalities nationwide increased by over 1,700 from 2011 to 2012. That was the first year-to-year increase we’ve seen since 2005. On the other hand, while the number of fatalities has increased, about 70 percent of the vehicles that were involved in claims were still considered drivable, meaning that the accidents happened at a low rate of speed (under 35 mph).

“Allstate has found the most frequent collisions happen during minor fender-benders, but it’s important to keep in mind that even lower-speed accidents can have serious outcomes,” said Senior Vice President Mike Roche.

In 2011, there were close to 50 people killed in traffic accidents in St. Louis. In these accidents, there were 56 vehicles and 85 people involved. Of the fatalities, more than 10 of them were pedestrians. Drunk drivers accounted for more than 15 of the people involved in fatal accidents. You can see a breakdown of where these accidents happened here.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), there were close to 143,000 traffic accidents reported throughout the state in 2011. Overall, there were close to 800 people killed in Missouri, meaning that someone was killed about every 11 hours. Speed was found to be a significant contributing factor in Missouri’s traffic crashes, especially as it relates to crashes involving death and injury. In 2011, one person was killed or injured every 46.1 minutes in speed-related traffic collisions.. Drinking involvement was also a significant contributing factor in Missouri’s serious traffic crash experience in 2011.

Now is a good time to focus in on your own safe driving habits to help to keep yourself free from accidents. Put down the distractions and keep your eyes on the road. Safe, alert and defensive driving can keep you safe and can keep you from becoming a statistics. Drive safe!

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