St. Louis railroad accidents can be a premise liability issue

St. Louis railroad accidents can be a premise liability issue

Railroad crossings are a common site for St. Louis car accidents and pedestrian accidents throughout Missouri.

A St. Louis personal injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney should always be consulted in such cases. When a crossing lacks warning lights, or safety gates malfunction, partial or total liability for the accident may rest with the railroad company, property owner, or government entity responsible for the crossing.


Earlier this month, it was reported by the Belleville News-Democrat that a MetroLink train collided with a vehicle on the tracks that cross South Ewing.

According to police the driver of the vehicle was lost after crossing the tracks southbound side. The driver made a U-turn in a rail yard and crossed the tracks again. This is when he collided with the train, injuring 3 people from the train and 2 others from the vehicle. No life threatening injuries occurred. The railroad crossing arms were working correctly at the time of the crash, according to investigators.

This is the second crash involving a MetroLink in the past month.

Fox 2 reported back in December that a MetroLink train crashed into a tow truck near Wellston Station in Pagedale.

According to the report a tow truck became disabled while on the tracks. The driver, seeing the train coming, was able to jump out of the truck before the train hit. The impact from the train tore the tow truck in half. Witnesses state the train did try to stop but was unable to do so in time. When rescue personnel arrived at the scene they were surprised that the impact with the tow truck did not derail the train. Eight passengers on the train were taken to the hospital along with the tow truck driver. They all sustained non-life threatening injuries.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration in 2010 there were 1,664 ‘highway-rail’ incidents. FRA defines a ‘highway-rail’ incident as any impact between a train and a highway user at a crossing. These incidents resulted in 229 fatalities.

Road and Travel offer these safety tips around railroad tracks:

-Slow down and be prepared to stop when you see approaching railroad tracks.

-Trains are wider than the tracks they travel on so stop at least 15 feet away to be safe.

-The size and weight of trains do not allow them to stop quickly so prepare to escape if your car becomes idle on a track.

-Always look both ways and listen when crossing railroad tracks, there could be a second train coming.

-If your vehicle gets stuck on the tracks, get out of the vehicle and move far away from the tracks. Then call 911 and tell them your location.

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