St. Louis Injuries a Fourth of July Risk

St. Louis Injuries a Fourth of July Risk

Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers would like to wish you and your family a safe a happy Fourth of July weekend.


There will be plenty of exciting things to do and see over the holiday period this year. Many will go to backyard cookouts. Others will watch the St. Louis Cardinals kick off a three-game series against the Marlins and check out the new Ballpark Village. Wherever you may be going, take extra caution to stay safe on the road, because there will be accidents.

One major cause of car accidents this time of year involves an increase in teen driving. The Fourth of July weekend falls right in the middle of what the National Safety Council (NSC) calls the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers.

According to the NSC, car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths in the United States. In fact, teens are three times more likely to be involved in an auto accident than older drivers with more time behind the wheel. Teens also tend to have some pretty dangerous habits when it comes to driving, like not wearing a seat belt, talking or texting on a cell phone while driving, driving late at night, and drinking and driving. The NSC recommends parents speak with their teens about the dangers of drunk or distracted driving. The NSC also recommends that you establish a curfew and do not allow your teen drivers on the road after 10p.m. Statistically, more teen driving accidents occur late at night than any other time of the day. Speaking of statistics, it seems that the risk of teen driving fatalities increase when there are other teen passengers in the car. The more teens there are in the car, the greater the risk of an accident. Conversely, AAA points out that when at least one passenger in a car driven by a teen is over 35 years on age, there is a 62 percent risk reduction.

As you are aware, teens are not the only ones who drive drunk. While local police will be doing their part to crack down on drunk driving this holiday, knowing how to spot a potentially drunk driver can go a long way toward keeping you and your family safe.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has compiled a list of behaviors to aid officers in DUI detection. You can use them, too. You should be on the lookout for motorists who are weaving, swerving, driving at least ten miles under the posted speed limit, have slow reaction time at traffic signals, and are driving the in the wrong lane or in the wrong direction on a one-way street. The slow reaction time at traffic signals is a major clue. If you are driving at night and someone is just sitting at a green light, that driver may be intoxicated. Another cause for the driver just sitting there is that he or she is distracted by a cellphone. This is also extremely dangerous for other drivers. Distracted driving has led to many accidents. If you see someone on the road who you think is either drunk or intoxicated, leave extra room between your vehicles.

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