St. Louis Child Head Injuries Increase 20 Percent

St. Louis Child Head Injuries Increase 20 Percent

Record snow falls and low temperatures may be partially to blame for the dramatic uptick in the number of head injuries treated by medical staffers at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Emergency Department.


According to hospital administrators, the facility has treated some 200 patients with head injuries during the first two months of 2014, which is a 20 percent increase from what they recorded during this time frame last year.

Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers understand the spike is attributed to an increase in motor vehicle accidents, caused by excessive snow and ice coverage on the roads. Additionally, there have been more snow days than in recent years. This has led to more children heading out with sleds and snowboards, which in turn has resulted in a higher number of head injuries.

An emergency room physician said the increase of snow and ice has also resulted in a higher number of slip-and-fall accidents.

Though the majority of traumatic brain injuries are mild to moderate cases, a severe injury can result from a single blow to the head. In some cases, this can even be deadly.

Children have somewhat of an advantage in that their bodies tend to be incredibly resilient. Still, even a relatively moderate traumatic brain injury can result in life-long injury. A traumatic brain injury is defined as any time there is a direct blow, force or jolt to the head that has the effect of internal swelling or bleeding or injury to tissue.

Given that the weather in St. Louis is not expected to break anytime soon, it’s imperative that schools, businesses, parents and communities take all necessary precautions to prevent injury wherever possible.

With regard to car accidents, it’s important that drivers operate their vehicles cautiously and defensively, particularly if young children are in the vehicle. Children should always be restrained in a proper seat that is appropriate for age, weight and height requirements.

Teens and other novice drivers should use special care when operating a vehicle in the snow. Parents should limit their teen’s use of a vehicle, especially during inclement weather.

Winter sporting accidents can also be a big source of child head injuries. In fact, emergency departments across the country report there are approximately 20,000 visits each year for children hurt during sledding accidents. Roughly a third of these are head injuries.

Most sledding accidents happen when kids are being pulled on sleds by motorized vehicles, such as cars or all-terrain vehicles. Never do this. Also, make sure your child is wearing a helmet during all sledding ventures.

Brain injuries are the No. 1 cause of death resulting from children’s ski accidents. Wearing a helmet that is properly fitted and avoiding areas that are especially icy can go a long way in preventing a serious brain injury.

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