Simple Steps for Staying Safe on All Hallow’s Eve!

Safety advocates with the American Red Cross St. Louis Area Chapter are wishing everyone a SAFEHalloween.

As our little goblins and ghost take over our streets in search of sugary treats, our St. Louis personal injury attorneys remind you that even the scariest of monsters need to be safe out there. Some of our biggest threats on All Hallow’s Eve aren’t even witches and vampires, they’re the risks of pedestrian accidents, costume mishaps and trips and falls.


Please review and share the following Halloween Safety Tips with the gremlins in your family to help to make sure that everyone stays safe out there during their trick-or-treating adventures. It might be a scary holiday, but you don’t want it to be a dangerous one.

Halloween Safety Tips:

-Before heading door to door, you want to make sure that your trip is planned. Choose a route that has sidewalks and is away from fast-moving traffic. You also want to make sure that it’s an area that is well-lit and one that has crosswalks or safe street corners for crossing.

-The night can sneak up on us a little faster than we anticipated. Make sure that everyone has a flashlight, is wearing bright clothing and is wearing reflective materials.

-When walking up to a stranger’s house to trick-or-treat, make sure that you only get candy from the door. Never go inside the home of someone you don’t know.

-When getting your costume on for the night, consider using face paint instead of a mask. You want to make sure you can see everything around you. Masks hinder your vision.

-Whether you’re creeping, sneaking or walking along our roadways, always do so on a sidewalk and never in the street.

-Always look both ways before crossing the street. Always cross at a crosswalk or at a street corner and do so with a parent nearby.

-Make sure that there’s nothing hanging off of your costume, like a cape or long sleeves. You don’t want anything dangling near light-up jack-o-lanterns or any other kind of open flame.

-Homeowners should consider using fake candles, lights or glow sticks in their pumpkins to help to reduce the risks of an unwanted fire.

-While you may be flying high on space ships and broom sticks, it’s important that kids know basic pedestrian safety tips.

-Lawns are no place for ghost and goblins. Stay off yards and be on the lookout for Halloween decorations. These can serve as trip and fall dangers and even fire dangers.

-You might be a werewolf, but stay away from dogs that you don’t know. Never approach any strange animal.

-Before digging into your Halloween treats, make sure you have an adult inspect it. You want to make sure there are no tricks and only treats! Never eat candy that’s open or has been tampered with.

We want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween and remember to keep safety as a number one priority out there!

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