School districts can be held responsible for hazing, other injuries to St. Louis students

School districts can be held responsible for hazing, other injuries to St. Louis students

The Seneca School District is investigating a reported hazing incident involving members of the high school football team, the Joplin Globe reported.

Schools and universities have made great strides in reducing or eliminating hazing on campuses over the last decade, as recognition of the risk of hazing and other bullying behavior has come to the forefront. Schools have a responsibility to ensure the safety of students at both on-campus and off-campus functions.

Common cases handled by a Missouri injury lawyer or St. Louis premise liability attorney involving schools include sporting injuries, playground accidents, physical or sexual abuse allegations, assault, fall injuries, school bus accidents and injuries that occur during field trips. When an incident happens on school property, parents deserve a straight answer and access to all the facts. And, while no award for damages can compensate a family dealing with the serious injury or death of a child, a school district must be held accountable to ensure the safety of students in the future.

In this case, the district has suspended at least 11 players for periods of up to 6 months in connection with a hazing incident. The district said it is awaiting the result of DFS interviews regarding the incident, which happened June 10 but was not reported to police until June 15. An independent investigator has also been called in by the school to interview coaching staff and review the district’s policies and procedures.

The incident reportedly occurred while at least 50 members of the team participated in summer football camp at Pittsburg State University in Kansas. Students were staying in dorms with members of the Seneca coaching staff acting as chaperones. Police reports indicate upperclassman on the team beat at least 17 underclassman with curtain rods and engaged in other sexually inappropriate activity.

The Crawford County Attorney General has filed multiple felony and misdemeanor battery charges against 11 players. Some of the players could stand trial as adults.

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