Red-light cameras aim to reduce number of St. Louis car accidents at intersections

Red-light cameras aim to reduce number of St. Louis car accidents at intersections

Our St. Louis car accident lawyers understand the devastating injuries caused by crashes at intersections. The T-bone type crash causes multiple injuries which can include fractures, brain & head trauma, and spinal cord injuries.

Missouri is one state using red-light cameras to reduce the risks of such accidents. Advocates say the cameras lessen the risk of one of the deadliest types of accidents on the road. Detractors say the cameras increase the risk of rear-end collisions at intersections as motorists hit the brakes to avoid getting a ticket in the mail.


The Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission has given the green light for the red light camera policy. The go ahead lifted a 3-month-old moratorium on the old policy. Officials wanted additional input from various agencies to make improvements.

“The policy provides better guidance on how the cameras can be used and more oversight to make sure the cameras are used to increase safety and prevent injuries and death,” said MoDOT Director Kevin Keith. “It was developed with input from law enforcement agencies, cities, counties and vendors.” The new policy that went into effect January 12th includes the following conditions:

-Police are the only ones who can determine violations.

-The public needs to be informed about the cameras before any citations are issued.

-Signs indicating the cameras are in use must be clearly posted in advance.

-An annual report will be submitted providing citation and safety data.

Additionally the policy discusses use of automated cameras for speeders that would be used on state highways or in work, school and Travel Safe zones (areas with high amount of crashes). The same conditions for the red light cameras apply for the speed enforcement cameras.

“We believe automated enforcement is a good tool for keeping motorists safe,” Keith said.

Studies done by MoDOT indicate a 45% reduction in T-bone type crashes at intersections with red light cameras. These types of crashes usually result in more severe or fatal injuries.

There was a 14% increase in crashes that cause minor or no injuries. These are usually rear end collisions resulting from drivers following too close. The study also showed an overall decrease in red light runners at intersections near the ones with the red light cameras.

Contrary to popular belief, revenues generated from the red light and automated speed enforcement cameras do not go to MoDOT.

Automated enforcement tools like cameras can only help encourage safety, especially at intersections. Most drivers think they can get away with something if there is no law enforcement around to prevent them from violating the rules. Red-light cameras and speed enforcement cameras promote safety and encourage St. Louis drivers to be on their best behavior.

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