Officials Warning Motorists of Weather-Related Car Accidents in Missouri

Officials Warning Motorists of Weather-Related Car Accidents in Missouri

As we recently reported on our St. Louis Car Injury Lawyer Blog, motorists have been facing some serious risks for car accidents in the area with the sketchy winter weather. Unfortunately, risks for car accidents skyrocket in various weather conditions, ice and snow being among them. As officials with the Transportation Department work to get our roads safe and driveable after inclement weather, motorists are asked to do their part to keep our roadways accident free.


Recently, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) released yet another warning asking motorists to be cautious and prepared in the event of another snow storm. Be prepared. Make sure your car is prepared; have at least a half a tank of gas, always travel with a cell phone, bring along extra blankets, pack some nonperishable food, pack some water, check road conditions before departing and, if you can, stay off of our roadways altogether during severe weather.

Our St. Louis car accident lawyers have already discussed the preparations that have been implemented by MoDOT to help keep our roadways safe for motorists in the state. Drivers have a responsibility to be safe, cautious and prepared in the snowy weather, too. According to, there were roughly 25 people killed in Missouri as a result of ice-related accidents in the 2009-2010 winter season. One of the worst storms we experienced contributed to 10 fatalities in three days, including four crashes on December 26th and 27th. One of the most recent fatal accidents resulting from icy roadways was on March 20 when a driver was ejected from the vehicle after a rollover accident in Unionville. Across the nation, there were nearly 500 fatalities as a result of these dangerous driving conditions during the 2009-2010 winter season.

It is estimated that about 70 percent of winter weather-related deaths in the country are caused by icy road crashes. Safe and defensive driving habits are a must in these kinds of scenarios. Go out with a plan and use extreme caution to help to avoid a potentially fatal weather-related car accident.

To help reduce these risks, MoDOT has roughly 3,000 workers and about 2,000 snow-removal equipment pieces to help manage our more than 30,000-mile highway system. Still, it’s your preparation and caution that can really make the difference in these stats.

Icy weather conditions consist of more than just ice on the road. It also refers to:


-Freezing rain


-Freezing drizzle

-Freezing fog



-Man-made water source

-Blowing/drifting snow

-Black ice

Motorists are reminded to keep an eye on the weather, the road and the traffic conditions by visiting the Transportation Department’s Traveler Information Map. Lastly, officials with the Transportation Department remind motorists to be careful near overpasses and bridges because these are areas where freezing conditions take effect first. Be careful, pay attention to the roadway and practice defensive driving habits to help to avoid a potentially fatal accident.

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