Officers Increase Patrols to Reduce Risks of Alcohol-Related Car Accidents in Missouri through Holidays

Officers Increase Patrols to Reduce Risks of Alcohol-Related Car Accidents in Missouri through Holidays

December is a popular time to gather with friends and family and to celebrate the holiday season, but it’s also a deadly time on Missouri roadways. Recently, dozens of Highway Patrol Troopers and the families of drunk-driving accident victims launched the new “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign.

In 2010, there were more than 210 fatalities and nearly 900 injuries resulting from alcohol-related car accidents in St. Louis and elsewhere throughout the state, according to Connect Mid Missouri. Just between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2010, there were nearly 70 fatalities that resulted from traffic accidents in our state. Twenty of these fatalities were the result of alcohol-related accidents. There were more than 4,600 injured on our roadways during this time as well, nearly 325 were related to alcohol-related accidents.


“We are stuck back in the day when our children were taken from us and the only way we can make any sense of it and be able to move forward is to stop this and help prevent this,” said Pam Huggins, the mother of an accident victim and who is participating in the new campaign. The campaign will be sharing the stories of family members and friends of those who were killed in alcohol-related accidents. Troopers recently gathered at the state’s capitol saying that they were going to increase enforcement efforts to bust drunk drivers and to enforce the state’s laws.

Our St. Louis car accident attorneys understand that your risks for being involved in a drunk-driving traffic accident are drastically increased during the last quarter of the year. Friends, families and tourists travel all throughout the state to attend holiday celebrations. Many of these gatherings serve alcohol and unfortunately, many drivers get behind the wheel after having too much to drunk. Drivers are urged to be cautious on our roadways and remain sober to avoid a potentially fatal accident during the holidays.

According to Leanna Depue, the Highway Safety Director, the decision to drink and drive is the wrong one. Troopers statewide will be out during the holiday season and will be nabbing intoxicated drivers on our roadways.

Depue offers these safety tips to help avoid a run in with the law or a fatal car accident:

-Go out and celebrate with a plan, a plan on how to get home safely.

-Make sure that you always have a designated driver.

-Call a cab if you’re drinking and looking to get home.

-Stay at a friend’s house if you can’t get a safe ride.

-Get a hotel room if you cannot find a safe place to stay.

-If you’re hosting a party, remember to offer nonalcoholic beverages as well.

The state’s highway patrol will be conducting its first sobriety checkpoints from the 5th of December to the 12th.

“Our message is simple. No matter what you drive – a passenger car, pickup truck, sport utility vehicle or motorcycle – if we catch you driving impaired, we will arrest you,” said Colonel Ronald Replogle, of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a Missouri car accident involving a DUI driver, contact St. Louis Injury Lawyer Ryan R. Cox for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call 636-946-6886.

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