NHTSA Recruits Chuggington to Help Prevent Child Injury in St. Louis

NHTSA Recruits Chuggington to Help Prevent Child Injury in St. Louis

Chuggington is here to teach your kids some important pedestrian, school bus, bicycling and vehicle safety tips to help prevent child injury in Missouri and elsewhere.

Chuggington is an animated series that has partnered up with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to teach children to always be safe around cars.


The campaign is geared towards children under the age of 7. The series also comes with a number of downloadable safety tips, a kid-focused safety pledge and a number of games and activities that parents and guardians can do with their children to help promote the safe traveling habits.

“This exciting partnership with Chuggington will help us bring our traffic safety message to young children and parents alike,” said Ray LaHood, the Secretary for the U.S. Transportation.

Our St. Louis injury attorneys understand that this kind of campaign is an extremely effective way to teach children safe habits, including buckling up in a vehicle, how to safely cross the street and to always wear a bicycle helmet. Parents are urged to sit down and enjoy the animated series to teach children about these safe habits. Educating children at an early age may be one of the best ways to help to ensure their safety.

Currently, car accidents are the leading cause of death for children who are 14-years-old and younger. In 2009, these types of accidents took the lives of approximately 1,300 children and injured another 179,000. Child pedestrians are also at a high risk for injury on our roadways. In 2007, there were about 260 child pedestrian fatalities and another 115,000 injuries to children of the same age group.

The partnership between the NHTSA and the Chuggington series is being used to help to teach children about important lessons that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. During each of the episodes, the characters on the series will be rewarded for good behavior with “The ‘Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe!’ badges. They will also be encouraged to join the traffic safety pledge. Parents are encouraged to teach children this message and make sure that they remember it. It’s a quick little saying that will help to keep them safe.

The campaign was released just in time to coincide with National Child Passenger Safety Week. This is a week that was created by the NHTSA that urges parents to visit a child seat inspection location in Missouri to ensure that their child’s car seat is properly installed into their vehicle.

It is estimated that approximated 75 percent of all child car seats are installed improperly in the U.S. At these inspection stations, experts will be on hand to look over your car seat and to provide you with instruction and tips to ensure that your seat will be properly installed during each and every car ride.

It’s a known fact that car seats save children’s lives, but it is up to the parent and other adults who may be transporting children to know how to properly install them and to make sure that children are buckled in every time.

Parents are urged to check out the fun, new series and to enjoy it with you child. Teach your kid safe traveling habits at a young age so that they’re better protected near our busy roadways.

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