New safety program aims to reduce St. Louis car accidents involving teenagers

New safety program aims to reduce St. Louis car accidents involving teenagers

The plan, called Project Safe School Year, was implemented this week across five Fort Zumwalt District high schools. The goal, a multi-layered campaign that hopes to raise safe driver awareness and track the number of teens involved in St. Louis car accidents between homecoming and prom seasons.

Aside from tracking teen crashes, police will also be monitoring seat belt use with random high school parking lot checks and reminding students to turn off their cell phones when behind the wheel. Drunk driving concerns will also be addressed, St. Louis Today reports.


Results from collected data will be analyzed before the end of the school year. Schools will be evaluated based on the number of car accidents, seat belt usage, drinking and driving data and what kids do with their cell phones. The school determined to have the safest teen drivers will receive tickets to a pro-sporting event.

October, December, November and May are the most dangerous months of the year for Missouri drivers. In 2009, there were 7,477 Missouri car accidents reported in October, 7,308 in December, 6,762 in November and 6,548 in May, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Drivers aged 16-20 represent the second highest fatality group among statewide motorists, reporting 89 fatalities and 4,993 injury car accidents last year. Overall, this age group was responsible for 13.6 percent of all reported car accidents, or more than 18,000 crashes.

Project Safe School Year is the brainchild of a former St. Charles County deputy who told St. Louis Today that he started the program, which is funded by corporate donations and a state grant, because he “didn’t like doing death notifications as an officer.” He hopes to expand the program throughout the St. Louis-area schools.

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