National Teen Driver Safety Week and AAA Work to Reduce Risks of Teen Car Accidents in Missouri, Nation

National Teen Driver Safety Week and AAA Work to Reduce Risks of Teen Car Accidents in Missouri, Nation

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, a teen driver was recently killed in a car accident in St. Louis County. The accident happened when the teen driver slammed his vehicle into the back of a tractor-trailer on Highway 67. STL Today reports that the teen collided with the trailer when it was slowing to take a left-hand turn. The young driver was taken to Alton Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.


Our St. Louis, MO car accident attorneys understand the risks that young drivers face. Many of these individuals are handed an unrestricted license before gaining adequate driving experience. For this reason, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has conducted an extensive study into the risks of teen drivers and released its findings just in time to coincide with National Teen Driver Safety Week. Parents are asked to review this information and share it with the young driver in their life. Supervised driving and strict driving rules may be some of the most beneficial things we can do to help save our young drivers.

Car accidents continue to be the number one cause of death for teens in the U.S. According to AAA, teens are more likely to die in an accident during their first 30 days than they are during their first year of unrestricted driving. They’re also twice as likely to get into an accident during these 30 days as during their first two years of unrestricted driving.

To gather this type of information, the Foundation installed cameras into the cars of teen drivers in North Carolina and analyzed hours and hours of footage. Researchers found that nearly 70 percent of all of the accidents were caused by three common mistakes: speeding, failing to yield and driver inattention. The study illustrated that the most common accident scenario witnessed in the first few months of unrestricted driving was accidents that involved left-hand turns.

Researchers also concluded that as teens gained more driving experience, their risks for traffic accidents involving speed gradually decreased.

“We know that young drivers’ crash rates decrease quickly as they gain experience,” said AAA Foundation President and CEO Peter Kissinger.

With all of the information that AAA collected, the best advice to parents is to continue to ride along with young drivers long after they’ve received an unrestricted license. Parents and guardians may be some of the most influential people in a teen driver’s career. Keep safe driving habits as a frequent topic of conversation within your household, and consider creating and enacting your own parent-teen driving contract to help create and enforce safe driving rules.

That’s the theme of this year’s National Teen Driver Safety Week — parent involvement. According toTeen Driver Source, parents should at least put in at least 50 hours of supervised driving time into the learning process of their teen to help him or her to learn how to handle dangers on our roadways. A good driver comes from a good supervising passenger. Your teen’s learning process is the perfect time to instill good driving habits.

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