Motorists Most Likely to Die in a Car Accident in St. Louis in August

Motorists Most Likely to Die in a Car Accident in St. Louis in August

A St. Louis County car accident on Interstate 64 recently landed two people in the hospital, according to KMOV 4. The late-night accident happened when a wrong-way driver, headed west in the eastbound lanes of I-64, collided with another vehicle. A semi-truck was also forced off the road during the incident.


The wrong-way driver, a Chesterfield woman, has been cited for driving while under the influence. The Missouri Highway Patrol says that the woman has also been cited on suspicion of second-degree assault. They also report that the two injured drivers were taken toSt. John’s Mercy Medical Center in Creve Coeur. Formal charges against the wrong-way driver are currently pending, according to Fox 2.

St. Louis car accident attorneys understand that we can expect to see a bunch of car accidents during the month of August as it has repeatedly been cited as the deadliest month on our roadways, according to MSN Money.

According to statistics dating back to 1994 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more people are killed in car accidents in the month of August than during any other month out of the year.

These findings are through statistics that calculate death rates per 100 million miles traveled. August ranks as the deadliest with a death rate of 1.09 per million miles traveled. September comes in at a close second with a death rate of 1.08 followed by July with a death rate of 1.08. March is your safest month on our roadways with a death rate of 0.94.

In 2009, there were approximately 93 deaths on U.S. roadways every day because of traffic accidents. This means that someone died every 16 minutes.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety at least seven of the 25 deadliest days of the year on our roadways happened in the month of August from 2005 through 2009.

“A large proportion of crashes happen in late afternoon and early evening in general, but especially in August,” says Russ Rader of the IIHS.

Some days are are deadly than others. According to research, there are more traffic-accident fatalities on Saturdays than during any other day of the week. Saturdays averaged about 123 deaths. Sundays followed close behind with an average of 107 fatalities. Fridays ranked in at third place with 102 deaths.

The rest of the daily death rates were as follows:

-Mondays had an average of 79 deaths.

-Wednesdays averaged 78 deaths.

-Thursdays had an average of 84 deaths.

Those between the ages 25- and 49-years old are most likely to die in a motor-vehicle accident as they made up about 23 percent of all recorded traffic fatalities during this time of the year.

We ask that you enjoy the rest of your summer, but to please do so safely. Be cautious on our roadways and be on the lookout for road hazards that could result in a fatal accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Missouri car accident, contact St. Louis Injury Lawyer Ryan R. Cox for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call 636-946-6886.

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