Motorcycle Safety Awareness month meant to reduce motorcycle accidents in St. Louis

Motorcycle Safety Awareness month meant to reduce motorcycle accidents in St. Louis

Law enforcement officials are reminding motorists that as the weather gets warmer motorcyclists will be returning to the roadways, the Lake News reports.

St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyers welcome the sunshine of spring and realize as the temperatures increase, so does the risks for Missouri motorcycle accidents.


Sharing the road is the message that Motorcycle Awareness Month brings to the table. Due to their size, motorcycles can easily vanish in drivers’ blind spots. All motorists and riders need to use their turn signals so everyone on the road knows each others intentions.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motorcyclists is 37 times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident than a passenger car occupant. In 2008, Missouri had 102 riders die in traffic crashes.

Safety tips for other motorists:

-Never share a lane with a motorcycle; they are entitled to the full lane. Motorcycles have all of the rights and privileges of any other vehicle on the road.

-At intersections and before entering or leaving a lane of traffic, always check for motorcycles. Look in your mirrors and turn your head to check for blind spots.

-Never merge into traffic or change lanes without using your turn signal.

-Turn signals on motorcycles are not self-canceling and sometimes riders forget to turn them off. Make sure the motorcycle is slowing down and turning before proceeding. Don’t assume because the signal is flashing that the rider is turning.

-Never tailgate a motorcycle, keep a following distance of three or four seconds. When road surfaces are dry, motorcycles can stop a lot faster than a car.

-Distracted driving is a danger to everyone, pay attention while you are driving.

Rider safety tips:

-Never drink and ride.

-Wear a helmet, eye protection and bright clothing. Wear leather or thick clothing for protection – dress for safety.

-Know how your motorcycle handles in different road conditions.

-If you are new to riding, get formal training. If you haven’t ridden in a while, take a refresher course. Know your bike well before riding in heavy traffic.

-Be visible, keep your headlight on night and day. Use reflective material on your motorcycle and clothing. Be mindful of vehicle’s blind spots and stay out of them.

-Always use your turn signal, and turn it off after using it.

-Expect the unexpected – always be thinking about safety. Plan escape routes, increase your visibility by lane positioning and look for turning vehicles.

-Ride defensively.

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