MoDOT’s Summer Construction Plans, Drivers Beware St. Louis Accident Risks


MoDOT’s Summer Construction Plans, Drivers Beware St. Louis Accident Risks

Throughout the summer season, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) will be working on a number of bridge and road construction projects to help make our streets safer for everyone.

There are more than 100 bridges that are on the schedule for construction through the Department’s Safe & Sound Bridge Improvement Program. This is part of a project to improve more than 800 bridges in the state by the end of 2012.


To help to keep everyone safe, including both motorists and construction crews, officials with the MoDOT and our St. Louis injury attorneys are asking drivers to be careful and cautious. MoDOT is working to release enhanced work zone signs to help to alert drivers. Officials are also using the latest technology to monitor traffic in work zones to decrease delays.

There were more than 10 people killed in Missouri work zones in just 2011. There were more than 700 individuals injured during this time as well. From 2007 to 2011, there were nearly 100 people killed and another 4,000 injured in these accidents. Some of the top factors in these accidents were failure to yield, driving too fast for the current conditions, improper lane usage/change, following too closely and driver inattention.

Your best defense against injury is to wear your seat belt. In 2011, there were more than 780 accident fatalities. Nearly 70 percent were motorists who were not buckled in at the time of the accident.

To help to keep everyone safe, we urge you to review the following safety tips and to share them with your friends and family members. These simple tips can help to save lives in our state’s road work zones. Please watch for signs, be alert and don’t barrel through work zones.

Work Zone Safety Tips:

-Check the Department’s Traveler Information Map before setting out. This way you’ll know where the active work zones are before you hit them.

-Wear your seat belt during every car trip.

-Stay alert. Make sure all of your attention is on the roadway.

-Follow traffic signs. Lookout for reductions in speed and changes in lanes.

-Always be ready for the unexpected.

-Be on the lookout for work equipment, roadside workers and flaggers.

-Keep distractions out of the driver’s seat.

-Be patient. Know that work zones come with delays in traffic sometimes. Plan ahead and leave early to allow yourself with some extra time.

-Slow it down. Keep an eye on your speed in these areas as the speed limit is most likely reduced.

-Never drink and drive. This reduces your ability to react to road dangers and increases your risks for a potentially fatal accident.

-Be nice. Be courteous to other drivers.

Be alert of MoDOT’s Operation Orange. It’s the Department’s signature effort to use the state’s landmarks and buildings to draw attention to safety throughout roadway work zones. There were nearly 100 landmarks and buildings in the state that participated last year by either sporting orange or posting signs and messages urging motorists to drive safely in these work zones.


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