Missouri State Patrol Examines 12,000 School Buses to Help Prevent Child Injury in St. Louis

Missouri State Patrol Examines 12,000 School Buses to Help Prevent Child Injury in St. Louis

Missouri State Patrol recently conducted a number of school bus inspections to help prevent child injury in St. Louis and elsewhere throughout the state this school year. The results conclude that nearly 90 percent of the school buses in St. Louis have passed the rigorous inspection. Cpl. Jeff Wilson says that he and his force have looked over roughly 12,000 buses. The ones that didn’t pass the test were taken off the road immediately, according to CBS St. Louis.


“We give [school districts] a little time to make those corrections on those buses,” said Wilson. “Even though they got put out of service at the time those inspections were done, we re-inspected those buses and got them up to standards.”

Our St. Louis personal injury attorneys understand that equipping our schools with safe buses is only half the battle. The other half is in the hands of motorists. We ask that all drivers be extra cautious on our roadways during this time of year to help prevent accidents with children who may be waiting for the bus to pick them up or those who have been dropped off and are heading home.

Wilson says that they will be conducting spot checks throughout the course of the year as well to make sure that these safe conditions are maintained.

The mechanics that lead these inspections have all been certifies through State Patrol. Each safety inspection is done within the two months of the first day of school.

The National Safety Council reports that approximately 25 million students ride the big, yellow bus to and from school every year. In 2005 alone, there were 134 people killed because of traffic accidents that involved a school bus. Another 11,000 people were injured in these accidents.

The St. Louis County Police would like to focus on the safety of our students as well. There are some safety tips that parents are urged to discuss with their children to help ensure that their trips to and from school are safe.

Tips for walking to school or walking to the bus stop:

-Be aware of the routes that your child takes to school or the bus.

-Require them to walk with a group. Never let them walk alone.

-Tell your child to keep away from and never talk to strangers.

-Go over these rules periodically with your child.

-Instruct them to walk on a sidewalk.

-If there are no sidewalks available on their trip, make sure they know to walk in a single-file line on the far-right side of the road.

-Children are to only cross the street at an intersection.

-Make sure that your child knows to follow the directions of the school crossing guard.

-Never walk within 10 feet of the bus unless you’re entering or exiting it.

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