Missouri Lawn Mower Accidents and Injuries Rise Sharply

Missouri Lawn Mower Accidents and Injuries Rise Sharply

Last month, a local man took his young girls for a ride, pulling them on a trailer behind a lawn mower. He wanted to give them a ride as he cut his home’s one-acre yard. According to STL Today, one of the girls, a 2-year-old, fell off and was run over, suffering a laceration from her pelvis to her buttock.


The young girl was taken to St. Louis Children’s Hospital and will suffer permanent injury. But the mother is now stepping up, helping other families to understand the risks that come along with lawn mowers.

“I’ve always thought it was dangerous, and I never wanted my kids outside while mowing,” said the mother. “I was told I was too overprotective.”

Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers understand that various hospitals in the area are reporting an increase in the number of lawn mower injuries they’ve seen this summer. Researchers believe that it may have to do with the increase in rain and the need for more lawn maintenance. In just the last 2 months, there have been seven children treated for lawn mower-related accidents at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. There is usually only one or two seen in an entire year.

This year, five of the children injured had to have feet or toes amputated. There have been 9 total hospitalized at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital. There have been at least two who were treated for these kinds of accidents at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

Across the county, close to 30,000 people are injured and nearly 80 are killed every year in garden tractor and lawn mower accidents. Each year, lawn mowers send about 10,000 children to the hospital — about 30 will die as a result of their injuries.

Most of these accidents happen when a child falls off of a riding lawn mower or runs in front of a push mower. When adults are injured, it’s most commonly the result of slipping and falling under the lawn mower, or backing up over toes.

These injuries are often some of the worst that doctors come across. Many times, the blades of these mowers cut deep into the body’s tissue and bone, causing damage to tendons and arteries. When someone loses a toe or a finger in a lawn mower accident, they usually can’t be reconnected. And these injuries oftentimes get infected because of the dirt and fertilizer that’s in the air and around us while we’re working.

It’s important to remember that these mowers are not recreational vehicles and should be used properly.

Another common injury from lawn mowers happens to people when they reach under the mower and the blades are still hot.

Stay safe when tending to your yard’s needs. Keep children away from these machines and away from the area to help ensure that everyone stays safe.

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