Missouri deer hunters sweep opening weekend for firearms with 97,856 kills

Missouri deer hunters sweep opening weekend for firearms with 97,856 kills

The Helena Independent Record reported that two teenage hunters in Montana were killed last weekend in separate incidents on the opening day of hunting season. Also last weekend a 32-year-old Omaha man died from a gunshot wound in Blair, Neb., during a early deer season black powder hunting event at the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge, the Omaha World-Herald reports.

All three shooting deaths have been deemed accidental, and in each case an investigation is ongoing.


St. Louis premises liability attorneys are happy to report that in Missouri, no hunting-related accidental shooting incidents were reported despite a record opening weekend for firearm deer hunting that saw 97,856 deer bagged from Nov. 13-14.

To keep Missouri hunters of all ages safer, theMissouri Department of Conservation urges that hunters complete appropriate weapon safety training courses and apply for permits to participate in managed hunts. The MDC also recommends that novice hunters find a mentor landowner or experienced hunter to partner with to learn deer harvesting ropes, rules and regulations. They also provide the following tips for deer hunters:

~ Deer show increased activity during breeding season which runs late October through November. Because they are creatures of habit, deer often follow the same route and routines – feeding area, watering area, resting area. Repeat. A well-place deer stand alongside a well-defined path manned during early morning and late afternoon can be a powerful tool in a hunter’s arsenal.

~ Stealth and silence are also key hunting skills. A good hunter knows how to stay put, stay quiet and stay alert.

~ Show your colors whether required or not. Wear a bright hunter orange (not orange camouflage) cap and vest. Look for other hunters before and while you take aim, and, be seen.

The MDC reports that the top three counties for opening weekend firearms deer harvesting were: Benton (1,968), Callaway (1,749) and Macon (1,719). So far this year the urban season has seen 587 kills (12 antlered buck, 114 button buck and 461 doe) and the youth season has seen 13,263 deer bagged (7,848 antlered buck, 1,562 button buck and 3,853 doe). Urban season to harvest deer ran Oct. 8-11 and youth season ran Oct. 21-30.

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