Missouri Car Accidents & Setting Safe Examples for Teen Drivers

Missouri Car Accidents & Setting Safe Examples for Teen Drivers

Be on your best behavior. Your teen is watching.

We’re talking about your driving habits. A new survey from Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and Liberty Mutual concluded that a majority of teens say that their parents partake in some poor driving habits. The study talked with close to 2,000 teenagers around the country and determined that parents were displaying some pretty bad driving habits in front of their children, including distracted driving, speeding, not wearing a seat belt. Even driving under the influence of alcohol was a commonly reported problem.

You’ve got to keep safe driving habits as a top concern, not only to keep yourself out of an accident but to set that safe example for our younger drivers, too!


According to Claims Journal, more than 90 percent of teenagers said that they saw their parents talking on a cell phone while driving. How effective is it to tell our young drivers not to do something and then turn around and do it ourselves? Another 85 percent say that they see their parents speed often and nearly 60 percent say that they see their parents text messaging behind the wheel. These behaviors not only set a bad example, they are increasing the risk that you or a family member will be involved in an accident.

St. Louis car accident lawyers understand that parents are some of the most influential people when it comes to shaping our young driver’s habits behind the wheel. It is of the utmost importance that we make sure that we’re all setting a safe example for these learning drivers. Still, close to 70 percent of teenagers say that they feel that they’re following different driving rules than their parents. The truth of the matter is that teens don’t want to feel like they’ve got to follow some set of special, stricter, rules. Everyone in your household needs to make sure that everyone is practicing good driving habits behind the wheel.

“The best teacher for a teen driver is a good parental role model,” said Stephen Wallace with SADD.

Parents need to make sure that they are in tune with their young driver. Keep safe driving skills in the forefront and discuss their importance often. Car accidents continue to be the leading killer of teenagers across the nation. We can all help to reduce these risks by making sure that they’re getting a safe and thorough driver’s education, starting at home.

Not only do about a third of teenage drivers admit to driving without wearing a seat belt, but more than 15 percent say that they have driven under the influence of marijuana and another 15 percent admit to being under the influence of alcohol behind the wheel.

We lose thousands of our teens every year. Let’s change that — we can start by changing our own driving habits. Consider creating a parent-teen driving contract to lay down the driving rules and the consequences for breaking them. Make sure you’ve made the pledge to follow these rules, too!

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