Kick Off Fall with These 7 Facts about Falling Accidents

With today marking the first day of the 2015 fall season, now is a good time to point out some important facts about falling accidents. Understanding these facts about falls can help people be aware of how to minimize the risk of these accidents – and what their options for recovery may be following a fall.

Were You Aware of Any of These Facts about Falls?

As the fall season gets underway, here are some important facts to know about falling accidents, a St Louis personal injury lawyer explains.

As the fall season gets underway, here are some important facts to know about falling accidents, a St Louis personal injury lawyer explains.

The following facts about falling accidents have been generated from data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and a few other credible organizations.

  1. For people 65 and older, falling is the number one cause of death resulting from accidental injuries, and it is the leading cause of hospital admissions related to trauma.
  2. As people age, the risk that falling accidents will result in serious injuries jumps up dramatically. In fact, from the age of 65 to 85, this risk generally quadruples for people.
  3. More than 1 in every 3 adults over 65 experiences at least one falling accident each year. Only about 1 in every 10 of these accidents is ever discussed with a physician, however.
  4. Women are more than twice as likely as men to sustain a bone fracture as a result of a falling accident.
  5. Men are more likely to suffer fatal injuries resulting from falls, with the fall fatality rate for men being nearly 1.5 times higher than it is for women.
  6. By 2020, the direct and indirect costs of falling injuries in the U.S. is expected to be at least $43 billion.
  7. Falling accidents are largely preventable.

How to Reduce the Risk of a Falling Accident

As you and your loved ones welcome the fall season, here are some tips to keep in mind to reduce the risk of serious falling accidents and injuries:

  • Look where you walk and be especially careful around features like stairs.
  • Wear properly fitting shoes and up-to-date eyewear prescriptions (if needed).
  • Make sure elderly loved ones have the proper mobility aides.
  • Repair broken, worn or uneven flooring in your home.
  • When it’s rainy or wet outside, take the proper precautions to limit slipping hazards around entrances.
  • See a doctor ASAP if you sustain a fall injury at any point.

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