Increased Risk of Car Accidents in Missouri with More Farm Machinery Clogging Roadways

Increased Risk of Car Accidents in Missouri with More Farm Machinery Clogging Roadways

New temporary rules have been released by the Missouri Department of Transportation regarding farmers; those needing to transport their livestock because of our recent and severe weather conditions are given certain concessions. And more tractors, wagons and grain trucks are expected to be on the road through the fall harvest season.

The permit is only temporary and will expire on December 31st of this year. The Department of Agriculture recently requested that the Missouri Department of Transportation make this change and waive current fees for oversize permits. This change affects trucks with loads of 12 feet, four inches wide that met the weight, length and height requirements.

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Missouri farming accident attorneys understand that these changes affect all motorists on our roadways. As farmers will be pushing to transport their livestock and crops before the deadline, motorists will need to be extra cautious for these slow-moving farm vehicles clogging our roadways. Although these vehicles typically travel at low speeds, an unknowing motorist can slam right into one and be seriously injured.

Farm vehicles operate much differently than our passenger vehicles. Motorists are urged to be cautious around farm equipment and to get familiar with the workings of the machinery to avoid an accident with farm machinery in Missouri. Motorists are never to follow too closely behind these slow movers.

The new permit will waive the $64 fee for farmers and will allow them to transport through the evening hours. Farmers are still required to use an oversized load sign that is reflective and to use lights instead of just flags on their vehicles.

“We appreciate MoDOT’s continued cooperation and support of Missouri’s agriculture industry throughout these severe conditions,” said Director of Agriculture Dr. Jon Hagler.

As a number of roadways are currently undergoing construction efforts, drivers are asked to review the route of their trip and to research road restrictions before venturing out.

This temporary permit comes as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) releases its decision to leave guidance regarding farm machinary state governments. The FMCSA says that it will not be taking the responsibility of imposing new farm equipment regulations on the industry.

The Administration is leaving the enforcement of rules that regulate the use of farm vehicles by farmers, farm employees and their family members to state officials.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood says that the FMCSA has no intention on hindering the efforts of our hardworking farmers, who provide fresh crops and produce to our country and who help fuel our economy.

As farm equipment and vehicles are temporarily free to roam our roadways, motorists are asked to be cautious while traveling during the upcoming farming season.

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