Why is it Important to Keep Up With Regular Vehicle Maintenance

car repairs being performedVehicle maintenance may seem like a tedious and unnecessary task, but keeping up on regular vehicle maintenance can keep you safe while driving, and have your vehicle operating at optimal performance. This will in turn save you money and extend the life of the vehicle.  Below are some common areas of your vehicle that should be regularly maintained:


The engine is the CPU (central processing unit) and the basis of a working vehicle.  When a car engine fails, similar to a human heart, everything else will cease to function.  Oil, to a vehicle is like blood to a human, and every three (3) months, or every 3,000 miles, the car’s oil should be changed.  Oil should be changed more often, if you drive in dusty conditions, tow a trailer, or drive in “stop and go” traffic, on a daily basis.


The transmission could be compared to the spinal cord of a human, as it transmits power from the engine to the wheels that will propel the vehicle into action.  The transmission needs to be properly filled with fluid, to insure that the vehicle works smoothly and effectively.


This small box-shaped unit stores the energy that is needed to get things moving (similar to a morning cup of coffee).  Once the car engine has started, the alternator begins re-charging the battery for the next time the vehicle needs to be started.  Regular maintenance includes, keeping the car battery connections clean and making sure that the unit is securely in place and does not vibrate (which can loosen connections).


Now that the vehicle has started and it is running, we all want to know that the vehicle will stop effectively, when instructed to do so.  It is for this important reason, that the vehicle brake system be checked by a professional automobile mechanic.  Low fluid levels, for instance, may cause brake pedals to soften.  All brakes, no matter the make or model of the vehicle rely on friction, and this is supplied by the brake shoe or the brake pad.

Brake pads need to be cleaned regularly, as a buildup of dirt can cause brakes to make a horrific squeaking noise, and eventually the automobile brakes will fail.  Thankfully, there are some warning signs to tell you that your vehicle’s brakes need attention (and these signs should never be ignored).  For instance, a low pedal could mean that there is air in the hydraulic system.  A red signal on your dash board may mean that the hydraulic system is off-balance.  In addition, a constant squeaking noise is a solid indicator that brake pads need to be replaced.

To avoid costly repairs and the high risk of encountering a fatal accident, due to faulty brakes, it is advised that they be checked by a trained professional, on an annual basis.

Climate Control Systems

Many newer vehicles have a climate control system, that is in some way integrated into the entire workings of the vehicle, and that means that at some level, the climate control is working harder and all year long (not just when the heat or A/C is switched on).  Comfort, while driving makes everything easier, and regular maintenance will help to ensure that air conditioning and heating units are working at optimum levels.

Final Word

Preventative measures and regular vehicle maintenance, by a trusted automobile mechanic, will have your vehicle running smoothly for many years, keep you safe, and save you money. In addition to regular maintenance, if you experience any type of trouble with your vehicle, it is important that it be dealt with immediately, as the damage to the vehicle will worse, if not corrected as soon as possible.

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