Harsh winter increases risk of car accidents in St. Louis

Harsh winter increases risk of car accidents in St. Louis

With yet another storm bearing down on the Midwest, authorities continue to urge caution and limited travel during inclement weather in an effort to reduce the risk of serious and fatal St. Louis car accidents.

“Our crews are ready to give it their all,” MoDOT Director of System Management Don Hillis said. “We’re looking at significant snow accumulations, ice, heavy winds and bitter cold, so this storm is definitely going to be a challenge. We’ll be out in full force doing all we can to clear the roads.”


St. Louis personal injury lawyers understand the increased risk of Missouri car accidents during bad winter weather. The Missouri Highway Patrol reports 49 motorists have lost their lives in traffic accidents already in 2011.

“The safety of Missourians is our top priority,” MoDOT Director Kevin Keith said. “The governor has asked us to help, and we are ready to go to work.”

If you must travel during inclement weather, you are urged to take your time, plan ahead, consult the local weather forecast and let a family member or loved one know your direction of travel and planned arrival time.

Missouri road conditions are constantly updated on the state’s travel map, available here. Meanwhile, the state is promising help with snow removal in numerous counties.

Here are Missouri winter driving tips:

-Winterize your vehicle and always conduct a pre-trip inspection.

-Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle, including flashlight, first aid kit, medications, blankets, shovel, booster cables, tool kit, bottled water and non-perishable food items.

-Keep plenty of gas in your vehicle and always travel with a charged cell phone.

-Obey speed limits and drive at a speed suitable for driving conditions.

-Watch for other vehicles having problems.

-If stranded, stay with your vehicle. Hang brightly colored cloth from antenna.

-Keep exhaust clear and window cracked for ventilation.

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