DUI Labor Day weekend crackdown seeks to reduce St. Louis car accidents

DUI Labor Day weekend crackdown seeks to reduce St. Louis car accidents

State law enforcement will again work aggressively through the Labor Day weekend to enforce Missouri DWI laws with sobriety checkpoints and DWI “saturation” patrols aiming to reduce St. Louis car accidents, the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety reports.

Last year, 195 law enforcement agencies issued 909 DWI violations during the 18-day “You Drink & Drive, You Lose” campaign. This year, the drunk driving crackdown occurs in tandem with the rollout of a new DWI law. The new law increases jail time for repeat and higher-BAC offenders, moves cases to state courts where penalties are tougher and mandates better record-keeping.

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During the 2009 Labor Day crackdown, officers investigated 1,113 traffic crashes that killed 8 and injured 487 which translated into one person killed or injured every 9.5 minutes, the Missouri State Highway Patrol reports. Col. Ron Replogle, superintendent of the MSHP, urges drivers to obey the law and drive carefully, considering the changes in traffic patterns due to the holiday. And if you plan to drink, tap a designated driver. “Drunk driving will not be tolerated,” said Col. Replogle. “Troopers will remain vigilant in their mission to remove intoxicated drivers from Missouri’s roadways.”

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, since 2003 Labor Day car accidents have claimed 77 lived and injured 2.769. Alcohol played a role in just over 10 percent of traffic crashes and more than 16 percent of fatal and personal injury accidents.

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