Driver Fatigue Contributed to Walmart Truck Accident Involving Tracy Morgan, NTSB Says

More than one year after the truck accident that left Actor Tracy Morgan with brain damage, officials at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have issued their report regarding the findings of their investigation into this collision.

Background on the Deadly Truck Accident

In June 2014, Actor Tracy Morgan and a handful of his friends were riding in a limo bus on the New Jersey Turnpike. While the limo bus was slowing down due to traffic, it was hit by a Walmart semi-truck, setting off a multiple-vehicle collision.

James McNair, a friend of Morgan, was killed in the accident. Morgan suffered a traumatic brain injury, as well as broken bones and other injuries. The trucker driver escaped with minor injuries. He was subsequently arrested and charged with assault and vehicular homicide, to which he has plead not guilty. The criminal case is pending.

Walmart has never found fault with its driver. It has reportedly settled two truck accident lawsuits filed against it by the victims, one with the family of McNair and one with Morgan for an undisclosed amount.

What the NTSB Found

The NTSB report regarding the Walmart truck accident that hurt Actor Tracy Morgan has found that trucker fatigue was a causal factor, a St Louis truck accident attorney explains.

The NTSB report regarding the Walmart truck accident that hurt Actor Tracy Morgan has found that trucker fatigue was a causal factor, a St Louis truck accident attorney explains.

According to the NTSB:

  • Trucker driver fatigue was a factor in the collision – In fact, the truck driver had been driving for about 26 hours prior to the collision: 12 hours in his personal vehicle to get to work and then close to 14 hours as part of his shift driving the Walmart truck. Although the driver did not reportedly violate any hours-of-service rules, fatigue was clearly an issue, the NTSB has explained.

    It’s significant to note here that researchers have found that, after 24 hours of no sleep, drivers display impairments similar to those with BACs of about 0.10. That’s more than two times the legal limit for commercial truck drivers.

  • So was speeding – Although the posted speed limit was 45 mph, the driver was going 65 mph prior to the crash, the NTSB has reported. Had the driver been traveling at or below the speed limit, the crash could have been avoided (based on where and when the driver started to apply the brakes).
  • A lack of seatbelt use and the limo design likely intensified the damage – Tragically, only one of the occupants of the limo bus was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. Had all of the occupants been wearing their seatbelts – and had there been a second exit door for emergency responders to use (because the other door was jammed shut as a result of the accident), the damage to the victims may have been less severe, the NTSB has revealed.

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