Don’t Be Misled by these 3 Myths about Traffic Accidents

Relying on these traffic accident myths can compromise your rights and recovery following a crash, a St Louis car accident attorney explains. Here’s why.

Relying on these traffic accident myths can compromise your rights and recovery following a crash, a St Louis car accident attorney explains. Here’s why.

A traffic accident takes place in the U.S. about every 10 seconds. In fact, the average motorist will probably be in at least four traffic crashes during his lifetime.

While these stats would seem to indicate that many people likely know the facts about traffic collisions, the truth is that there are still a lot of misconceptions about these accidents that are being perpetuated. And these myths can end up being harmful to those who are on the roads often – and who end up being involved in an auto wreck at any point in the future.

Dispelling some of the more harmful myths, below, we have noted some important facts about traffic accidents.

Debunking Traffic Accident Misconceptions: The Facts

Myth 1: The roads are getting safer, and traffic accidents are occurring less often than they were in the past.

Fact: This is simply untrue. As we noted in a previous blog, 2015 has already seen a dramatic spike in fatal traffic accidents, as well as accident-related injuries and costs, in the U.S. Although the final months of this year may soften this spike a bit, it’s not likely, researchers have noted.

That is because lower unemployment rates, coupled with cheaper fuel prices, have put more people behind the wheel of vehicles, increasing traffic on the roads – and spurring one of the most notable increases in fatal traffic accidents over the past 8 years or so.

Myth 2: Most traffic accidents are unavoidable.

Fact: This is also just plain wrong. One of the leading contributing factors to traffic accidents is human error, with the most notable form of human error being driving negligence, such as:

So, if all motorists were generally more attentive, careful and responsible behind the wheel, a significant number of traffic accidents could be avoided and prevented. This actually may be good news, as it shows that there are ways to prevent crashes and that every driver can do something to promote roadway safety and minimize the risk of collisions.

Myth 3: Drivers’ best resource following a traffic accident is their insurance company.

Fact: Absolutely not! This can be a very costly and harmful traffic accident myth to believe because it can result in motorists misplacing their trust, compromising their rights and losing out on compensation. The truth is that, following a car accident:

  • Insurance companies will be looking to protect their own interests, not the interests or rights of motorists. This is because insurers make money by collecting premiums and limiting payouts. So, these companies will likely be looking to minimize payouts to accident victims.
  • The best resource for motorists, when it comes to protecting their interests and financially recovering following a crash, will be an experienced auto accident lawyer.

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