Chance to Win a New Car for Raising Awareness of Distracted Driving Accidents in Missouri

Chance to Win a New Car for Raising Awareness of Distracted Driving Accidents in Missouri

A 2012 Ford Focus could be yours if you join the fight against distracted driving-related car accidents in St. Louis and elsewhere throughout Missouri. The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety recently announced that it will be teaming up with Joe Machens Ford and KRCG-TV for this year’s “Focus on the Road” safety campaign.



According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), you can enter the drawing by visiting the “Focus on the Road MO” Facebook page before 11 p.m. on Dec. 14. All drivers licensed in Missouri are eligible to enter the contest, however employees and family members of MoDOT, Joe Machens and KRCG-TV are ineligible. Thirteen finalists will be announced on Dec. 16, and each will receive a random car key three days later. One of those keys will start the Ford Focus. The contestant who holds that key will drive away in his or her new car!

Our St. Louis car accident attorneys understand the importance of distracted-driving campaigns. More and more accidents are being caused by distracted drivers. Every day, there are some 8,000 traffic accidents in the United States. Statistics show that nearly 5,500 people were killed in distracted driving-related accidents in 2009.

Contrary to popular belief, distracted driving involves more than just talking on a cell phone behind the wheel. It can also mean eating, smoking, applying makeup, playing with a map or GPS system, talking with passengers, messing with the radio and sending text messages. Keeping our attention on the road is ultimately a lot more important than any of those diversions. Plus, with the holiday season approaching, we’ll have more and more drivers on our roadways.

“The most important task when you are behind the wheel is staying focused on driving safely,” said MoDOT Highway Safety Director Leanna Depue.

Depue is hoping that the appeal of a new car will help to get drivers to curb distractions when they’re behind the wheel, especially among teen drivers. It only takes a few seconds to dial a phone number or to send a text, but during that time a car can have traveled hundreds of feet.

Tips from MoDOT to help you stay focused behind the wheel:

-Never text while driving. This means no checking e-mails either!

-Turn off your cell phone or put it on silent before you get into your car.

-Create a voice mail message to alert callers that you can’t answer because you are driving.

-Pull your car over and stop if you have to pick up or make a call. This includes sending and receiving text messages.

-Ask passengers to make a call for you if needed.

-Know Missouri’s state laws. Texting while driving on our roadways can earn you a $200 fine if you’re 21 or younger.

-Look at maps and GPS devices before you start to drive.

-Make sure that children and pets are properly restrained before hitting the gas.

-Focus on driving!

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Missouri car accident, contact St. Louis Injury Lawyer Ryan R. Cox for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call 636-946-6886.

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