4 Tips to Preserve Your Rights During a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injuries can occur in a variety of contexts that include car accidents, slip or trip and falls, defective products, and aggressive domestic animals. When bad things happen, Missouri law may entitle you to seek compensation for your damages and losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, loss of future income, and pain and suffering. You need to be proactive, however. Few defendants will voluntarily admit Read More

Missouri Personal Injury Law: How is Negligence Determined?

The term “negligence” is frequently used in Missouri personal injury law. It is a legal theory that evaluates and determines liability when an accident occurs and someone is injured. In this article, we will discuss how negligence is determined and how Missouri awards damages in a negligence claim. In general, the elements of a negligence case are as follows: An individual or entity owed a duty to commit or Read More

Tis the Season! 4 Tips to Avoid Injuries This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And, according to the statistics, one of the most dangerous. When we anticipate the holiday season, what comes to mind are family dinners, beautifully decorated homes with blazing fireplaces, and an abundance of presents. Few of us expect to be injured at a time characterized by peace and goodwill, but it happens, and at a rate that exceeds other times of the year. This is Read More

The Basics of the Legal Concept of “Pain and Suffering”

If you have experienced a serious injury caused by the negligence of another party, you are likely considering a personal injury lawsuit. These lawsuits are the proper way to recover financially from the injuries you experienced. If you win your suit, you will typically be awarded damages to cover all the losses you incurred while injured, such as lost wages, medical bills, damaged property, and more. These types Read More

What The Jury Cares Most About In A Personal Injury Case?

It is a widely held misconception that when you file a personal injury lawsuit, the judge decides your case. But, unless the case is tried to the bench in what is called a “bench trial”, it is normally a jury who will decide not only if you will prevail in your lawsuit but also the amount of damages you will receive. This article discusses what the jury cares most about in a personal injury case. Furthermore, it Read More

Car Accidents and Using Your Seat Belt in St Louis, Missouri

Just a few weeks ago, a two-week safety campaign was launched in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas, which included the use of seat belts while in the vehicle and other safety precautions for people on the road. According to local authorities, teenagers are not as diligent in using their seat belts as adults and young children, which is why the police will be patrolling the school areas more through mid-March in an Read More

FMCSA to Decrease Fatigued Truck Driving by Mandating Electronic Logs

Last month, the truck driver accused of crashing into a limo van carrying comedian Tracy Morgan and his driver pled not guilty to charges of vehicular homicide and aggravated assault in connection with the well-publicized trucking accident. Federal investigators have suggested that the truck driver had gone with no sleep for 28 hours prior to the accident, which left Morgan seriously injured and in critical Read More

Wright Medical Neck Fracture Cases

Many American have sought hip replacement surgery to regain the mobility and quality of life they once enjoyed. This article discusses the complications experienced by some patients who underwent hip replacement surgery and received the Profemur Z artificial hip made by Wright Medical Technology, as well as, your legal rights should you have received a defective hip implant. The Profemur Z system consists of 3 Read More

4 Important Holiday Safety Tips from the CSPC

The holidays can be a time for family, celebrations, gift giving and joy. With all of the extra décor and happenings, however, there can be some new risks that arise during the holiday season. And understanding what these risks are can be the key to minimizing them and avoiding serious injuries – and making the holidays as safe, memorable and fun as possible. To this end, here are some important holiday safety tips Read More

10 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer in an Initial Consult

The questions you ask a personal injury attorney during an initial consultation can be very revealing about that professional and the type of service (s)he may provide you in the future. To make sure you get the information you need in this meeting so that you can retain the best lawyer to represent you, here are some important questions to ask during a consult: What is your experience with cases like mine? What Read More