Motor Vehicle Accidents & Liability: The Battle against the Insurance Company

If you have found yourself involved in a motor vehicle accident and you believe you are not at fault and an insurance company refuses to pay for your injuries, there are several things you should consider... Consider the Following When Determining Fault: 1) Ensure that you were not driving too closely to the other vehicle. For instance, if you were tailing the other vehicle, and you sustained injury because of Read More

The Real Deal With Insurance Companies and Personal Injury Claims

Contrary to the ads we see on television where insurance companies portray themselves as always being there when you need them, the experience of many accident victims today is quite different. What’s Different Today In the past, an insurance company’s claim department had only one concern – to determine what you are entitled to receive under your policy. But today, many insurance companies have figured out, with the Read More

4 Red Flags of Insurance Bad Faith: What All Policyholders Should Know

Insurance companies can make big promises when they are trying to sell you coverage. When, however, it comes time for you to rely on that coverage following an accident (or some other event), it is not uncommon for people to find that the insurers who promised certain support have, instead, become difficult to deal with – possibly even adversarial. In some cases, providers can cross the line, violating the law and Read More

Allstate Seeks Patent for Technology to Monitor Drivers & Vehicle Occupants

The Allstate Corporation recently submitted a patent to the U.S. Patent Office for technology that could closely monitor drivers, their behavior and others in vehicles via sensors and cameras already installed in many modern vehicles. Filed on August 11, the Allstate patent (US9081650) is entitled Traffic-Based Driving Analysis. What Allstate Wants to Know about Drivers & their Passengers Among the various Read More