Authorities aim to reduce St. Louis car accidents over the Fourth of July

Authorities aim to reduce St. Louis car accidents over the Fourth of July

Authorities will be out in force over the Fourth of July weekend looking for speeders, drunk drivers and other unsafe motorists in an effort aimed at preventing car accidents in St. Louis and throughout Missouri.

The News Tribune reports that Missouri ranks sixth on a nationwide list of states with the most speeding tickets.


“If our officers see an infraction, they will write a ticket,” said Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Tim Hull. “We are currently experiencing a 15 percent decrease in traffic fatalities, and I think that’s due in combination with increased enforcement and public education.”

The Missouri Highway Patrol is also urging residents to:

-Practice all-terrain safety to avoid Missouri ATV accidents.

-Obey the law and use headlights when windshield wipers are on.

-Move over and slow down for stopped emergency vehicles.


While New Year’s gets the majority of attention when it comes to drunk driving and the high risk of car accidents, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July have been the deadliest holidays on the nation’s roads in recent years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Nationwide Holiday Traffic Fatalities 2008:

New Year’s Day: 104

Memorial Day: 370

Fourth of July: 437

Labor Day: 423

Thanksgiving: 439

Christmas: 364

New Year’s Eve: 37
Holiday traffic fatalities in Missouri in 2008:

New Year’s: 6

Memorial Day: 10

Fourth of July: 7

Labor Day: 6

Thanksgiving: 12

Christmas: 12

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