Allstate Seeks Patent for Technology to Monitor Drivers & Vehicle Occupants

The Allstate Corporation recently submitted a patent to the U.S. Patent Office for technology that could closely monitor drivers, their behavior and others in vehicles via sensors and cameras already installed in many modern vehicles.

Filed on August 11, the Allstate patent (US9081650) is entitled Traffic-Based Driving Analysis.

What Allstate Wants to Know about Drivers & their Passengers

A St Louis personal injury attorney discusses a patent Allstate is seeking that could let it record of a lot of info about drivers, their behaviors and even their passengers.

A St Louis personal injury attorney discusses a patent Allstate is seeking that could let it record of a lot of info about drivers, their behaviors and even their passengers.

Among the various information that Allstate’s technology could record and transmit include data regarding its insured motorists’:

  • Seat positions
  • Stereo volume
  • Eye and head positions
  • Heart rate and blood pressure
  • Eating habits and cellphone use (and likely other distracting behaviors behind the wheel)
  • Potentially distracting cargo, such as purses or bags
  • Passengers – Namely, how many passengers are in a vehicle, how old they are and even whether other vehicle occupants include pets/animals
  • Environments – Specifically, whether there is any alcohol content present in the air
  • Driving patterns – Particularly, whether drivers are keeping up with the flow of traffic, are speeding, etc.

What may be more shocking than the range of data that Allstate wants to collect on its drivers are the facts that:

  • The insurance company may use this data comparatively to see how other drivers are doing under the same conditions; this, in turn could be used to penalize drivers who, for instance, are breaking traffic laws or just aren’t being as safe as they could be.
  • The company’s monitoring ambitions extend beyond just their insured motorists. In fact, the company is looking to monitor all motorists – even pedestrians and others on the roadside.

Commenting on the patent, an Allstate spokesperson explained that the technology could “provide drivers with boarder information about traffic conditions and external factors that could better equip them to drive safe.”

What do you think of Allstate’s technology? How would you feel about having Allstate collected all of this data on you – regardless of whether you are insured by the company? Post your opinions on our Facebook & Google+ pages.

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