8 Essential Winter Driving Preparation Tips from CDOT

Winter is right around the corner – and coming with it are the holidays, colder weather, and more challenging driving conditions. From traversing icy, snowy roads to potentially having to deal with road closures or even a winter breakdown, there can be a lot of additional things to be prepared for when it comes to winter driving. And, taking the time to prepare now can be the best way to protect yourself in the future.

To this end, below are some winter driving preparation tips from officials at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

How to Prepare Yourself for Safety on the Roads during Winter, According to CDOT

  1. These CDOT winter driving preparation tips can help drivers stay safe winter on the roads in CO this winter, a St Louis Auto Accident Attorney explains.

    These CDOT winter driving preparation tips can help drivers stay safe winter on the roads in CO this winter, a St Louis Auto Accident Attorney explains.

    Know the Colorado Traction Law and the Passenger Vehicle Chain Law and be prepared for officials to put these laws into effect when the conditions warrant it.

  2. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with good snow tires or, at the very least, with durable tires that have at least 1/8-inch of tread.
  3. Replace and/or refill your vehicle’s fluids.
  4. Maintain at least 3/4 of a tank of gas in your vehicle at all times.
  5. Put together a winter safety kit to keep in your vehicle (we’ll discuss what to include in these kits in a future blog).
  6. Know how your vehicle operates in the icy and snowy conditions of winter.
  7. Match your driving behaviors to the weather conditions. In other words, take it slower when the roads are icy, it may be foggy or snowing, etc.
  8. Check the weather and your route before any trip. When conditions may be especially dangerous, consider delaying your plans until the weather improves. Staying off of the road during some of the harshest storms of winter can be the best way to stay safe and avoid a potentially life-threatening traffic accident.

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