7 Shocking Statistics about Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Traumatic brain injuries are among the more devastating personal injuries people can sustained, as:

  • These injuries can result in physical, emotional and cognitive impairments.
  • Every TBI is different, and some symptoms or impacts can take weeks (or longer) to arise and diagnose.
  • There may be limited treatment options for the most severe TBIs.

Delving into the nature and impacts of traumatic brain injuries a bit deeper, below, we will reveal some of the more shocking statistics and facts about TBIs, as presented by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

Important Facts TBIs in the U.S.

  1. Annually, about 1.7 million people in the U.S. sustain a new TBI, and about 52,000 of these people will die from these injuries.
  2. The number one cause of traumatic brain injuries is falling accidents, with more than 1 in every 3 TBIs in the U.S. resulting from a fall.
  3. The second leading cause of TBIs is motor vehicle accidents, which cause more than 17 percent of these injuries each year.
  4. Other prominent causes of traumatic brain injuries include assaults, sports injuries and being struck by an object.
  5. People 4 and younger, as well as those between 15 and 19 years old, have the greatest risk of sustaining a TBI.
  6. Males are nearly two times more likely than females to suffer TBIs, and they are about three times more likely to die from a TBI.
  7. The direct and indirect costs of traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. is an estimated $60 billion every year.

Hope for TBI Patients: Options for Recovery following a TBI

While these stats about TBIs may be shocking, the good news is that people with TBIs may have various options for their physical & financial recovery, a St Louis personal injury lawyer explains.

While these stats about TBIs may be shocking, the good news is that people with TBIs may have various options for their physical & financial recovery, a St Louis personal injury lawyer explains.

While the statistics above certainly present a grim picture regarding TBIs, there is good news for those living with traumatic brain injuries. Specifically, the good news is that:

  • There may be various options for their physical recovery – And, every day, researchers are developing better tools to diagnose and treat these injuries. Some of the last findings, in fact, have purported to be able to definitively diagnose the severity of TBIs within 24 hours of the injury. This can be critical to getting injured people treatments ASAP and, in doing so, potentially improving their prognosis dramatically.
  • They may also have options for financial recovery – Given that some of the leading causes of TBIs are accidents that often arise from some type of negligence, injured people may be able to obtain compensation for their treatment needs by pursuing a personal injury case.

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