5 Things to Do if You Are Stuck on the Road in Winter

No matter how much you plan or how careful you may be on winter roads, things can go wrong, and breakdowns can happen. If you find yourself the victim of bad circumstance this winter season and you are stuck on the side of the road waiting for help, here’s what will be important to do in order to stay safe:

  1. Call for help if you can – If you have a charged cellphone on you, of course, this should be the first step.
  2. Wait with your vehicle – It can provide you with warmth and shelter.
  3. Don’t overexert yourself – This can lead to additional injuries, which can make a bad situation (i.e., being stuck) worse (e.g., now you are stuck and in pain).
  4. Be as visible as possible – Put flares or cones around your vehicle. At night, keep the dome light on in your vehicle.
  5. Be careful in running your vehicle – Try not to run your vehicle for more than 10 minutes every hour, and make sure your exhaust is clear of snow/blockage before running your vehicle (so you don’t run the risk of CO poisoning).

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