4 Red Flags of Insurance Bad Faith: What All Policyholders Should Know

All policyholders should know these signs of insurance bad faith so they know when to consult a lawyer, a St Louis personal injury attorney explains.

All policyholders should know these signs of insurance bad faith so they know when to consult a lawyer, a St Louis personal injury attorney explains.

Insurance companies can make big promises when they are trying to sell you coverage. When, however, it comes time for you to rely on that coverage following an accident (or some other event), it is not uncommon for people to find that the insurers who promised certain support have, instead, become difficult to deal with – possibly even adversarial.

In some cases, providers can cross the line, violating the law and acting in bad faith with claims. When this happens, turning to an experienced lawyer may be the only way to effectively fight back and compel insurers to honor the contracts they have entered into with policyholders.

To help you understand if you may have been subjected to insurance bad faith practices, below, we will point out some of the more common signs of it. Contact us for a free case review if you’ve experienced any of these red flags of insurance bad faith.

Common Indications of Insurance Bad Faith

1 – The terms of your policy seem to have been changed.

Although your policy may have contained certain terms when you took it out, insurers may try to alter its terms following a submission of a claim, likely saying you don’t have certain coverage to try to get out of paying your claim. This is known as post-claim underwriting, and it’s illegal.

2 – The insurer’s investigation methods seem fishy.

When investigating a claim, insurers are generally obligated to use standard, reasonable investigation methods, qualified experts (if necessary), etc. If something about the investigation methods – or the involved “experts” – doesn’t seem right, then start asking questions. Unconventional investigations can be another sign of bad faith, as it can indicate that insurers are going out of their way to look for reasons to reduce or undercut your claim.

3 – The investigation is taking a really long time.

Drawing out claims investigations can be another tricky way insurers try to get out of paying policyholders the full amount of compensation they deserve. This is because, with this tactic, insurers can try to turn up the financial pressure on claimants, hoping that they will just accept the first offer that is made to them (when an offer finally is made).

4 –The insurer is threatening or intimidating you.

In some cases, insurance providers may go so far as to try to intimate policyholders into accepting low-ball claim offers (or claim denials).

Such tactics can involve threatening to reduce an offer if a claimant doesn’t take it and/or trying to get claimants to do (or not do) something under the threat of losing their payout (if they don’t act as the company desires). Such threats are unethical – if not completely illegal and can serve as another sign of bad faith.

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