31-car St. Louis pile-up snags headlines in London, no fatalities reported

31-car St. Louis pile-up snags headlines in London, no fatalities reported

As our St. Louis personal injury attorneys have reported in an earlier post to our St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer Blog, heavy snow and icy roads greatly increase the risk of a serious or fatal St. Louis car accident.

In fact, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, inclement weather road conditions were responsible for 132 fatal Missouri car accidents in 2009 that left 7,093 injured and damaged 27,312 vehicles. Ice, snow and slush alone were linked to 28 fatal car accidents that injured 1,200 and left more than 5,200 vehicles in need of repairs.


It’s no secret that this winter season has been particularly treacherous for St. Louis drivers as storm system after storm system has relentlessly hammered the Midwest. Thanks to El Nino, WUWTreports, the nation as a whole has seen record amounts of snowfall in October, December, January and February. At one point mid-February, every U.S. state save Florida was dusted with snow — and this included Hawaii!

Great news for skiers; not so much for morning commuters.

With that said, St. Louis drivers took another pounding the morning of Feb. 23, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports, as a pre-dawn bout of freezing rain turned rush hour into slush hour on I-64/Hwy. 40. By 5 a.m., a 31-car pile-up sent nearly two dozen motorists to area hospitals.

Eastbound lanes remained closed for four-and-a-half hours as emergency vehicles transported victims, tow trucks removed damaged vehicles and investigators cleared the road of debris and collected evidence. Patches of black ice are believed to be to blame.

Crash-linked road closures spanned all directions of area interstates making travel next to impossible throughout the greater St. Louis region. State law enforcement officials were happy to report no fatalities were linked to the unexpected, unpredicted, surprise ice storm that grabbed international headlines as far away as the United Kingdom.

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