3 Myths about Seatbelt Use Dispelled: What Everyone Should Know

The misconceptions about seatbelt use abound, and they often mislead people into forgetting or ignoring the importance of wearing their seatbelts.

To elucidate just how effective seatbelts can be at protecting you whether you are a driver or passenger, below, we will discuss the facts behind some potentially harmful myths about seatbelt.

Essential Facts about Seatbelts

Myth 1 – I don’t need to wear a seatbelt for protection because my car has airbags.

Get the facts about seatbelts and how they can protect you from an experienced St Louis car accident attorney. Contact us for help with your financial recovery after an auto accident.

Get the facts about seatbelts and how they can protect you from an experienced St Louis car accident attorney. Contact us for help with your financial recovery after an auto accident.

Fact – Even if your vehicle is equipped with airbags, airbags only provide front protection. This means that, if you are involved in a rollover collision – or you are hit from the side or back, you will not have enough protection if you are not wearing your seatbelt. In fact, by wearing your seatbelt all of the time:

  • You can avoid sliding under airbags that have deployed.
  • You can minimize the chances you may be thrown clear from a vehicle (and sustain potential fatal injuries) in the event of a crash.

Myth 2 – I’m a good driver, and I’m not driving that far. So, I don’t need to wear my seatbelt.

Fact – Even if you are a perfect driver, others are on the road are not. In fact, there’s a significant possibility that at least one driver around you at any given time is not fully paying attention to the road, is not totally sober and/or lacks the experience or skills necessary to safely operate a vehicle.

Additionally, crash data indicates that the vast majority of deadly auto collisions occur within 25 miles of people’s homes at speeds of 40 mph (or less).

So, regardless of how far you are traveling or how good of a driver you may be, buckling up is always important. After all, you don’t know experienced or careful the driver next to you may be, and why gamble with your health and safety when you could just simply buckle up and reduce your risk of injuries should an accident occur?

Myth 3 – Wearing a seatbelt will harm me or trap me in my vehicle if I’m in a serious car accident.

Fact – This is flat-out wrong, as researchers have established that buckling up can reduce your risk of sustaining a severe or fatal injury in the event of an auto wreck by as much as 45 percent. In a serious collision:

  • It’s very rare that you will be in a situation in which the seatbelt you are wearing is the feature trapping you in a vehicle. What’s more is that seatbelts can be easily cut off by emergency responders, so they won’t be a factor that precludes you from getting medical care ASAP after a wreck.
  • Wearing a seatbelt may, indeed, cause some bruising or lacerations due to the force of a serious impact. However, these minor injuries usually pale in comparison to the injuries that would have been sustained – like serious head or brain injuries – had a seatbelt not been worn.

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