2015 Sets a Record For Total Number of Vehicle Recalls

In total, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that there were a total of 51.3 million vehicles recalled in 2015. The more than 50 million automobile recalls were issued over the course of 868 individual campaigns including makes and models from many of the major manufacturers.

In Comparison to 2014

The number of vehicle recalls in 2015 tops the total reported in 2014 – a record-breaking year itself at the time. Remember, 2014 was the year GM made headlines for the massive recall due to faulty ignition switches that resulted in more than 100 deaths. In that campaign alone, 26 million vehicles were eventually recalled.

So, how did 2015 manage to top that?

After 2014 saw 51 million vehicles recalled through 779 campaigns, the NHTSA set stricter safety standards and became more vigilant in its efforts to crackdown on known safety hazards. The result was more vehicle recalls as regulators worked proactively to prevent injuries happening to consumers in the first place.

Since GM was fined $35 million in 2014 for delaying recall efforts, the number of additional recalls in 2015 may also be attributed to automakers themselves working quickly to identify, report, and correct safety issues as soon as possible.

What’s Being Done in the Year Ahead to Promote Vehicle Safety

The NHTSA announced it is working cooperatively with 18 automakers to promote proactive safety practices across the industry. The goal is to prevent safety issues to begin with and, when they are identified, fix them as soon as possible.

In the same announcement, plans to increase recall completion rates was rolled out with the launch of the NHTSA’s Safe Cars Save Lives program.

Safe Cars Save Lives

The Safe Cars Save Lives campaign will run over the course of 2016. Its aim is to educate consumers about the importance of completing recall repairs and will also raise awareness about consumers’ roles in vehicle safety.

The ad campaign will include online videos and interactive tools that will make it much easier for car owners to see whether or not their vehicle has any outstanding recall repairs by simply typing in their VIN.

After recalls are announced, it is up to consumers to go through the process to complete repairs. With the Safe Cars Save Lives initiative, the NHTSA hopes to see an increase in the number of recalls being completed in years to come.

What Else Was Learned in 2015

Although 2015 was a record-setting year for automobile recalls, many in the industry consider it a win in terms of identifying safety issues and taking the appropriate steps to prevent accidents and injures by quickly alerting the public.

However, the number of vehicle recalls wasn’t the only thing the NHTSA expressed concern over in 2015. Some early traffic data for the year indicates a rise in the number of fatal traffic accidents after 2014 saw 32,675 traffic fatalities – an all-time low.

What the Future Holds

While the NHTSA’s primary focus still remains on protecting consumers driving traditional vehicles, the agency expressed an interest in making continued advances with self-driving cars. With advances in technology, the hope is, cars being driven by computers will practically eliminate fatal traffic accidents since they will not be subject to human error.

In the meantime, consumers are urged to take safety precautions and make necessary repairs once hazards are identified. Doing so will help keep drivers and passengers safe as they navigate the open road.



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